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Why Long URLs Are Bad

Jul 272017


Other than the obvious reasons, there are some deeper justifications. Let’s jump right in..

I (and probably many other computer users) are annoyed by long and incomprehensible URLs. Instead, they should look good by being simple and short.

By reading your site’s URLs, I should be able to understand what would happen if I visited that page. This is a bad example of URL readability:


I am able to understand by reading the URL that some sort of action will be performed, but the ?1 gives no clue as to what it is. This is a much better URL:


Now it is perceptible that something will be sent. But still, there is no hint of what will be sent. This is an even-better URL:


The user can now understand that by visiting this URL, mail will be sent.

Memorable URLs
The average person could never memorize a URL like the one at the top of this page—that is what the Clipboard is for. Your URLs need to be short and sweet—short enough so that it is easy to remember.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have URLs that are a bit long. Even when using folders for URLs as in the examples above, these links can get a bit long. But so long as the URL makes sense, it will still be memorable. For instance, this long URL is, well, long—but it is still easy to remember because the link is hierarchically sorted.


Solutions for Shorter URLs
Despite the problematic natures of long, hard-to-remember URLs, they can always be easily shortened. Here are some solutions and methods of doing so.

You can use any service to shorten your long URL. Just try this to see it practical: https://kbit.co

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