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The Benefits of using Short URL's is Awesome

Oct 122016


Shorter URLs, usually two words or less or A brand name, also have some very specific advantages. Short domain names are easier to read, since they’re so concise, and they're also easier to remember. Also, since they take up less room, they are easier to include on any printed material, like business cards or brochures […]

Short URLs have a better chance at being “catchy,” and are more likely to “stick” in someone’s head. For example, if you choose the simple URL “pinkbt” for your children’s clothing boutique, it’s easier to recall when a previous visitor wants to come back. That ability to stay with someone after they've visited your site is a huge leg up for short domain names, particularly when you want to build a relationship with your visitors.

The only disadvantage to a short URL is that it’s more likely to be taken already, especially if your brand name isn’t 100% unique, a made-up word, or contains a common word or phrase. This may require you to make some creative URL names, or it could even mean that you have to pay a little more for a domain name with a different extension. Either way can help you obtain a short website URL that you like.

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